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Rupjyoti Gogoi

From the lanes of the one-horned rhino, hails an ambitious woman who did not confine the idea of ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’ just to the Environmental Science books in school; meet Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi: a visionary.

From weaving warp cotton to weft polythene in clothes with having absolutely zero capitals to providing empowerment of the women of the entire village of Bochagaon in Kaziranga, this group of self-sustaining ladies has marked their flair in many corners of the country, and beyond. Their ‘Village Weaves’ initiative does not just serve the cause of uplifting the local women of the region but also conserving the natural wildlife of Kaziranga, for plastics don’t opt to harm just humans but all.

Stride to establish Assam & North East India as a place rich in socio-cultural heritage in the country

Kolpor Golpo is an internet media company devoted to ‘identifying the unidentified’- to bring forth attention to artistes in various genres of academia, cinema, literature, music and all shades of art lost, found and retrieved.

With the help of micro-documentaries, podcasts, articles, and other forms of media, we want to reach out to the diverse population that makes up this country, and let them know that Assam has more to offer than the majestic one-horned rhino, world-renowned tea gardens, a culturally rich river island, or even the fact that it has a lush green ecosystem where a variety of flora and fauna have been residing since the last few centuries.

Samir Bordoloi

In 2017, when Samir Bordoloi started the Society for Promotion of Rural Economy & Agricultural Development, North East (Spread NE), he only took one little step towards sustainable organic farming, conserving the multitude of indigenous crops from the North-East, and helping farmers get their rightful due in the market.

Today, due to the efforts of the ‘Green Commandos’ from the NGO, over 40 farmers have been adopted by urban families, over 150 schools have been adopted under the eco-initiative and more than 260 Green Commandos are currently trained to educate the rural folk about the benefits of local cuisine, permaculture, vermi-composting, getting farmers to engage in organic farming, and saving indigenous crops from extinction, with the motto- ‘indigenous people working with indigenous agri-products towards an indigenous economy’. 

The Kolpor Golpo Podcast

One evening, one guy, one million stories; meet Prayash Sharma Tamuly, alias Pompu Daa, an independent cinematographer, photographer, and a filmmaker, from Assam, India. He worked as the DOP in the award winning Roopa Barua documentary, Daughters of the Polo God, and in the critically acclaimed Assamese film, Bornodi Bhotiai, by Anupam Kaushik Borah; and many other projects of national and international repute.

Listen to how Prayash Sharma Tamuly got into the field of photography and later into cinematography, starting out with a 3.2 megapixel camera, to eventually shooting films with a RED Digital Camera.

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