Stride To Establish Assam & North East As A Place Rich In Socio-Cultural Heritage In The Country

Kolpor Golpo is an internet media company devoted to ‘identifying the unidentified’- to bring forth attention to artistes in various genres of academia, cinema, literature, music and all shades of art lost, found and retrieved.

With the help of micro-documentaries, podcasts, articles, and other forms of media, we want to reach out to the diverse population that makes up this country, and let them know that Assam has more to offer than the majestic one-horned rhino, world-renowned tea gardens, a culturally rich river island, or even the fact that it has a lush green ecosystem where a variety of flora and fauna have been residing since the last few centuries.

Assam is now a thriving platform for sustainability and creativity. With the focus on an ever growing industrial outbreak and the influence of a mixed culture in the melting pot of the North Eastern region of India, we are now focusing on our roots and how we have individuals amongst us who are using ingenious methods and initiatives to try and make a small yet significant difference in their fields, not for themselves but for the sake of our youth and the region.

What is Kolpor Golpo?

This line was a question a year ago that we, the members didn’t mind answering. However, given the vast range of media we cover, it becomes hard for us to frame what Kolpor Golpo is in just two lines.

Tagging it as a platform to ‘identify the unidentified’ suffices it to some extent but we know you don’t get it even now, stop lying to yourself.

Kolpor Golpo is an internet media company. Our primary kingpin focuses in creating content be it microdocumentaries, short films, podcasts, articles and online features to state a few.

Kolpor Golpo is about content you care about, about the community you relate to without trying.

It means no more of hearing girls brought up in Delhi telling you in their accented Assamese about top ten things that an Assamese girl does.

Our aim is to create a pan north eastern hub to showcase the diversed talents hidden among its people; that involves promoting individuals and socio-cultural domains, to creating socio-political awareness in an unbiased way.

Basically, it means it will create content that you can watch, read about and think about at night when you are away from wherever you live in- whether you’re cozy inside your athua, after your bhaat-alu-pitika, or not.

Kolpor Golpo aims to be the largest online media company from North East India. It aims to be the mirror to this often ignored region of India- to promote a better networking between professionals of various sectors of the region, to provide the population a common hub of all that’s good about home.

Kolpor Golpo is a multidimensional startup having three main primary components:

1 Content publication
2. Promotions platform
3. Mediator and event management

Content Publication: Contents published would be aimed to be consumed by the entire demographic of Assam regardless of their grouping. Most of the content published would be bilingual (English and Assamese), with future prospects of increasing reach through the incorporation of other regional and tribal languages.

Yes, we will talk about everything: from the old secret killings the centre does not want to talk about to the subtle patriarchy in the song ‘Moloya Baidewr Jiyek’

Promotions platform: It will focus on promoting the talents of our society, Individuals who are excelling in various fields, or trying to make a difference in various sociocultural domains.

No more following someone on social media and someday accidentally gasping, “Oh wow, he/she is Assamese too!”. We will make sure our boys and girls are promoted like they deserve to be.

Mediator and Event Management: It would mediate professional services between professionals and layman by maintaining a database of independently working professionals under one common umbrella.

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