Borgeet in Assam - Sanchipat


Prayer and devotion has been a part of Assamese culture and the lives of the people through the ages. A routine-set lifestyle in a majorly agrarian civilization has lain a seat of peace across the region. Deeply imbibed in the Assamese way of life is the traditional devotional music called Borgeet. This style was composed …

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Deodhani ft. God is a woman

They say that a wise woman puts God first. What if God is a Woman? What if women worship ‘God’ who is a woman? What’s the backstory? At this point, you must be clearly longing to hear Ariana Grande sing ‘God is a woman’. Fact is, this phrase has been broken down into its literal …

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Revolution: Farmer Samir Bordoloi

In 2017, when Samir Bordoloi started the Society for Promotion of Rural Economy & Agricultural Development, North East (Spread NE), he only took one little step towards sustainable farming, conserving the multitude of indigenous crops from the North-East, and helping farmers get their rightful due in the market. Today, due to the efforts of the …

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