Empowerment from plastic reuse in Kaziranga, Assam

Rupjyoti Gogoi started the group ‘The Village Weaves’ who make lifestyle products out of plastic, weaving it with cotton and other fabric, and empowered women of the entire village of Bochagaon, Kaziranga.

From the lanes of the one-horned rhino, hails an ambitious woman who did not confine the idea of ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’ just to the Environmental Science books in school; meet Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi: a visionary.

Rupjyoti Gogoi, a former teacher in Kaziranga, took matters – and plastics – into her own hands. With a sense of empowering the women in her society by providing them a refuge to literally weave their living – Gogoi founded the ‘The Village Weaves’ organization, that caters lifestyle products to people in the most sustainable way possible, through their NEDFi supported sale outlet called ‘Kaziranga Haat’.

From weaving warp cotton to weft polythene in clothes with having absolutely zero capitals to providing empowerment of the women of the entire village of Bochagaon in Kaziranga, this group of self-sustaining ladies has marked their flair in many corners of the country, and beyond. Their ‘Village Weaves’ initiative does not just serve the cause of uplifting the local women of the region but also conserving the natural wildlife of Kaziranga, for plastics don’t opt to harm just humans but all.

This is the story of The Village Weaves.

Watch the video here.